Helmet Decals - (Diablas)

$ 10.00
$ 10.00


Name, Number and "D" decals for your kiddos helmets.  

You can pick to get either the Full set (3 decals), 2 decals (name and number), 1 Decal (Name Only), 1 Decal (Number Only) and lastly 1 Decal ("D" Only)

Full Set comes with the 3 Items listed below:

(All will be Diablas Gold Base with Diablas Maroon on top)

  • 1. "D" for the front of helmet 
  • 2. Name for back of helmet 
  • 3. Number for back of helmet 

These are sized to fit the helmets pictured below. If you have a different helmet and you think it may be bigger or smaller then the one pictured...just send me the dimensions (How Tall and How Wide) you need for the "D", Name and Number and I can make them work for your helmet as well!

Approx. size is 4.5" wide X 2"

  • "D" - Approx. -  2" Tall x 1.5 Wide
  • Name - Approx. -  1.2 Tall x 4.5 Wide
  • Number - Approx. -  1.4 Tall x 1.8 Wide