Add on - Name &/or Number Personalization

$ 12.00
$ 12.00
Personalized Add On Options


 Here is where it gets personal! :) This is where you can add on Name &/or Number to the item of your choice to the back of your apparel. 

Easy as Pie ... Just fille out the boxes

1. PERSONALIZED ADD ON OPTIONS - Pick if you want Name and Number, Just Name or Just Number

2. Personalization (Name and/or Number) - Let me know what Name, Number and or both you are wanting

3. Apparel you want personalized (ie:  Black Adult Hoodie)

3. Color of Name/Number - What color font for the name and/or number  (If something other then black/white look at color chart attached and enter what color you would like in the "other color" box)

Add on Options!

  • Name & Number - $12
  • Name Only - $4
  • Number Only - $8

If you want more then one item personalized purchase this again!

If I have any questions I will contact you by email or you can contact